About Us

Online Auctions

We hold regular online consignment auctions from our facility in White Lake, MI. We like to think of our auction as community based. We're always looking for great items to consign in an upcoming auction!

Family Owned And Operated

We're proud to be a friendly, family-run local company with integrity. Whether you're a seller or a buyer, or both, we promise to give you the attention you deserve.


Q: How do I bid in your auctions?

A: It's easy! Visit our auction site at bidmtc.com and register for each auction you'd like to bid in. Fill out the required info and start bidding!

Q: Where do I pick up items I have won?

A: All auctions items are located at our facility at 10325 Highland Rd. Ste. A White Lake, MI 48386.

Q: Where do I learn more about any bidding rules, pick-up days/times and payment?

A: Everything you need to know for bidding in our auction can be found under the Auction Details tab for each auction on the auction site @ bidmtc.com.

Q: How do I sell items in your auction?

A: We make selling a breeze! Simply drop items off at our facility and we handle the rest. You can contact us @ mtconlineauctions@gmail.com or give us a call @  (248) 660-0752 for details on commission rates, drop-off procedures, types of items we sell and pay out info.

Q: What types of items do you sell?

A: We sell all kinds of items! Antiques, vintage finds, collectibles, furniture, tools, household goods, electronics, sporting goods, home decor, art, advertising, appliances, unique hand picked items and more!

Q: What are some examples of items you do NOT sell?

A: We DO NOT sell anything illegal, heavily soiled or damaged-beyond-repair items, bags of old clothing, certain baby items such as cribs, used mattresses, food products or generally anything that has little to no resale value. If you're unsure about your items, feel free to contact us.

Q: Can I come see the items in person before bidding?

A: Absolutely! Each auction has "preview days" listed and if you can't make it that day, contact us to make an appointment to view items in person.

Q: How much do you charge to sell my items?

A: We charge a competitive commission rate, please contact us for details.

Q: Do I need to write descriptions or take measurements before dropping items off for auction?

A: Yes, we require that each item or lot has a standard square Sticky Note attached (secured with tape) with a brief description of the item. What is it? What is it made out of? Brand? Age? Does it work?

Q: Do you accept returns on items sold in the auction?

A: No, all items are sold as-is, where-is and we encourage stopping by to inspect items in person before bidding.

Q: Why auctions?

A: Auctions offer an efficient means of reselling items for both buyer and seller by letting supply and demand find the fair market value of a given item. Auctions mean quick turnaround times for sellers and a fun and engaging way to buy just about anything!